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Wokrin is an outsourcing solution for a domestic and international company targeting in distributing and supplying on a low-cost labor environment in and out of Spain. The success of our partners/clients is grounded in the success of our company. Our goal is for our partners to be satisfied with our services we provide them for their near-shore distribution not only their immediate needs but also for the future. over five years of history wokrin has provided contract distribution and supplying services to a variety of industries. The management team has more skills and experience required to manage otherwise unrelated products within their facilities. Wokrin is competitive in distributing and supplying a wide range of products whether the product requires precision and high tolerance or a product that has been commoditized, wokrin operates at an advantage,wokrin distributors & suppliers . The company has Branches in South Africa, DRC congo, Japan, Spain, India, USA . wokrin contract distribution and supplying services are the ideal solution for all companies, individuals looking to reduce costs associated with distributing and supplying from large corporations with brand name labels to small and medium sized companies that have limited financial and human resources to affect the nearshore or offshore distribution and supply platform.

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